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Quality Pet Care

Working full time? Away on a dream vacation? Going out to a late dinner? Do you find it hard to consistently provide the attention your pet can demand? I am here to help with all your pet needs. Whether, it's the cat that needs feeding and human love and affection or the dog that needs walking and someone to help release his or hers energy, I am here to help ensure your pet is loved and cared for and you can be worry free about your pet at home.


Did you know?

Dogs require physical and mental stimulation just like humans do. If properly exercised on a regular basis, it will in fact energize their body, mind and spirit. It can also prevent anxiety. Many dog behavioral problems are the result of isolation, boredom and insufficient exercise. This is where I step in. I can provide the proper attention needed. My structured walks, either alone or with other dog friends, provide them with needed exercise, and also engages their minds so that you can come home to a calm, happy and tired dog


Meet & Greet

In order to provide the best possible care for your four legged family member, I would love to set up a personal consultation so that I can obtain a better understanding of exactly what your pets needs are. This meet and greet is completely free of charge and will take between 15-25 minutes. Building a personal relationship is very important to me.  I care about you and your needs as much as your four legged family members.  

Menu / Price List

For all the above services, I accept cash, checks, paypal and venmo

About Me

My entire life, I have always been the girl who brought home random animals. Even as a child I remember hiding that tiny kitten I found outside in a thunderstorm and saying “mom and dad look what I found, poor thing can we keep him?” Every animal that was brought into our home growing up was because of me bringing it in. To this day, I pride myself on being a huge reason why my family now loves animals as much as I do.

As I grew up, my love for animals continued to grow stronger and stronger and I always wanted to help any animal I could. When I moved out on my own, I rescued my first dog. And it was a wrap after that. I have rescued dogs from other states and from bad neighborhoods in Boston. I have trapped stray cats and kittens and given them a fighting chance in life. I have volunteered countless hours at a non-profit service dog organization and I have helped numerous sick and injured wildlife get the help and care they needed.  I have come to realize that animals complete me. Helping them, loving them, playing with them, teaching them, saving them, training them, walking them and just being near them. I find my happy place and peace in being with animals.

After becoming a mom to three lovely young girls, I spent close to 10 years as a stay at home mom which was truly the best time of my life, While being a SAHM I was always the first one to help friends with their animals, whether it was walking them, house sitting, going to hard vet visits with them, doggy play dates, training help or help my friends find the perfect puppy fit for their families. As my girls got older and started kindergarten I started thinking what was I going to do with myself? What would bring me as much joy as watching my children grow into little humans? I instantly thought, ANIMALS. I must do something with animals! And so here I am.

I am eager to continue to help everyone with their pet needs while filling my heart and soul with everything that makes me happy and whole ANIMALS…. Always was animals, always will be. 

I hope to help you and your fur babies.


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